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now I repearting meet and back packer’s hotel, corner of street,anytime anywhere.

in that time,I was recoginized one thing by possibly.

where I want go, what I want to do?

now I became 28.Age give presser to me,I do not have time that I rorming in my life.

but I don’t need brave, courarge,I need make ditermination.

Did I gave effect from Ayumu Takahashi too much?

this is true.

just yesterday, my waork finished suddonly.

I thinking,I have to make plan after this ,but I cannot make plan.

so,I will consoult to NITIGO senter.may be,some way should have open up for me and it’s should be good for me.

anyway,I have to move…..

my trip is started,true mean…

I can not stop take sigh…

since I came in aus,I feeling one thing.Everybody has uneasyness where there’s around corner of heart.

one germany woman told me her ‘s real voice.

now a day’s, germany were attacking desission.this situation is same to in all over world to.

espesialy, she do not spesiality skill for work.

so,she sad me,she had scarly when she came back to her countly.

everybody had been having this uneasyness.

how to life is crossing in aus anywhere anytime.

I still not meet to big happy and satisfy.

I will aim for that…

I will leave here in saterday.

I do not have sabject this place.



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