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today, new worker arrived to this station. he was teen age!!!
he was 18 years old…I can not help respect to him!!!
when I was 18 old, I wanted go to Hokkaido. I could not give up that quite base ball and live in Hokkaido.I loved snow…it’only.
I never would dreamed go to another country and work in abroad. but he carried out it.
when I saw him,I felt regret and I thought envy to him.however, if I come to abroad, I couldn’t miss at that time.
I had been longing to abroad secretly. my friend started join in to JOCV next to next. I wanted catch up with my friend.after, I applied to JOCV tow time!
at the result, I could not get through test of JOCV.
I feeling impatient getting 30 years old.
what do I want to do?
what do I hoping to myself how to life? and what am I want become?
one by one, my aim becoming clear ,but important thing is vague.
I think, if I kept leaning English, I feel find out it in myself.
I already starting research about interpretor school.
until now, I had been proceeding study of English. I want continuing to more high level.
one think, I can say flatly. “I don’t want go to job interview ”
I met many people in city, back packer’s hotel, in work place.
hint was overflowing how to life. I never back down. I have to quite underdog… はまちのブログ

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