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what on the earth? to in my ranking

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recently, my ranking is very herd when I renewed my blog. my rank’s raising up and down of gap becoming bigger when I started write this log.
I finally reached ranking within 900 rank last week.
one by one, I starting make it out. how’s article what should I wrought down to my blog for raise up ?
information is important. it need useful and sure.
anyway, I am on making plan for my future. I have to determine what am I do after this?
I have to try to IELTS test for get 6.5………
my think is very hearf way.
usually ,I am in to uneasiness when I nothing to do.
and near up time for determine, I having worry that I should make determaine or not,,,
If I did not go by anything, it will not come true everything.
my worry will continue yet, I have to make plan after this.
I thinking , I impatient little bit is good for after this.
I feeling, I should not put off make determaine. if delay make deside, it become wast of time and money.
I will have to listen to my real voice of my self,and follow my true voice.
up and down of my mental is very heard recently,,
why I coming AUS?
it is develop my future and find out my true of want to do.

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