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appeared dreamer front of me ,he was 35 age

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hello, I finally went up to Kings canyon!!!
it was eligeble of employee’s!! I got to there and enjoyed is very lucky .
usually, I were visitor, I will had to pay 330 dollar!!after all, I am able to camel ride, quad bike tour and more.
when I leave from Kings canyon resort, I met one men.
despite, he is 35 age, he was aiming model. he has been continuing this job when he was high school student!
his life was changing seen from me. and I felt envy to him.
he told me his dream [my dream is holiwood star. I thought, jump out to world now!!it’s only!!]
he didn’t have any plan after this, but he had been holding his dream. just straight ,just believe.
he was bright for me.
I had been wondering about future, and searching my future , I trying make plan my future.
if I could see through my future clearly , am I feel fear?
if I could not see through my future clearly, am I feel uneasy?
what am I feeling fear?
it is, lost passion to myself…
I do not hope that interapted from some body my action and starting my business.
but this is my excuse.
I say sach things be for, I should find out what I aim!!
I must be strong. if I could my believe,I will change.
I had been blaming my responssible to some body.
I may need become more optimist.
today is fratfull day!!!

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