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becoming narrow way

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now I made plan till 11 Feb.
since failed get another 6 month, [it rather my misunderstand than fail?]
I had to leave here until 24 January 2013.
that reason why is, my visa was replaced second visa from first visa when I got second visa.it was 24th July.
it was too early that got and claim second visa…
I had been thinking about another 6 month which will use from 18th Oct.
breakdown of my think is, I was thinking, if I used up limit of first visa at 17th Oct after my visa would be change to second visa autmaticly.
but it turned out after asked to immigration department.
my mood was like went back on immigration department.
oops, I was talk too much….
but seen from histolicaly ,nobody not try stay one place over 6 month during use second visa.
and I got new things thanks to asked to immigration. it is good oppotunity for me .
Finished work this place after, I will go to Sydney. it for bring consultant to new agent about school and job.
1500 dollar is expensive too much.but it may including some value that pay 1500 dollar.
I came true come to AUS, I came true work Kings Creek Station.I carried out my desire before come to AUS I thought.
at last, take on test of English only.
my idea running up for Blog.it is herd that renew this.
what can I find out for my self during this trip?
just do it only!!!!!!
hunging there !!!!

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