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now, my leave day coming up one by one and also I starting feel uneasyness about next place.
it was right that I came this place.
I having deep emotion to this place and I feeling miss leave from here.
Did I get use this place?
I feeling, I had been looking for the place where I can get accustomed and have a love.
still leaving time untill finish my second visa.
where am I go? and what things can I find?
I am not find out aim yet.
now if I came back to Japan, I will become NEET again.
recentry, some list starting make in my mind.
it is ” do not do things list”
breakdown is,
never work under the dispach company.
never write down my resume
never go to job inteview..
never do what I not hope.
had been roming for me, this one of result.
when I worked under the dispach of enployer,I could not feel reword and sutisfy. I became uhappy and lost my aim. even hope my wish to myself…
I wish, if could live a life what I want , what I hope.
it hoping everybody.
but nobody not find out this life style.
when people graduated college, they have priority get job. this is usual.
but exchange income and get job,everybody give up that search for true figure which suitable each person.
but I will not able to behaver like achever of life.
I sitll under dog……..
till find out my aim of life.
and I want get rich!!!!
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