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ブッシュファイヤー体験記、英訳 オーストラリアで火事に巻き込まれる

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bush fire experience
at 10/01/2013, that cace was happened in midnight.in that night, I woke up with thunder.despite, around area was very brightly. it was like moving thunder cloud aborve us.

 at that moment, one worry stuck me that whether bush fire ocurring or not. this think was led from experience while I ‘ve been work 6 month. this predict was come true… I should have renewed my insurance. it was my regret at that time. however, I will never do it….
in the morning, I had finish up clean toilete and have a laking as usual,after I was off to turn pomp on which not good condition recently.bacicly, my job is not finish as long as fill up water tank.
 in couple day’s, continuing the day when I turn off pomp at 10 pm recently
one Italy guy some time ask me that [did you turn bore off?]he is not try turn bore off by himself and he is not care about this pomp.
 this is very stressfull!!
I ignored him same at always…after I went to air’s trip for turn pom on.
befor arrive to pomps place,I dropped in water tank for how many amount of water leaving into the tank.
after confirmed amount of water,when I saw around to the staion, my worry and expect were come true…
that day’s thunder lightning was not bring rain.moreover,a thunderbolt struk to each place in the our station,and giving off smoke from some place.besids, wind direction was so but that blowing East from South. fire force is strong and faster. see from wind direction, bush fire gotten close to Wildness Loge.
 I rushed way to Boshed as fa r as I can for let Ian know about bush fire.
after I told Ian about situation of bush fire.at the same time, I heard about bush fire from chopper’s radeo.
 breakdown (detail)was , it’s like bush fire spledding out in Kings Creek Station and Kings Canyon.
afterword, when I came back to my job, that I taly guy asked me haughty, [how is bush fire?]
just ignore….
ignore him basically.
he could not make guess at the midnight.
he alway panicking in the case which cauced in his front. besid’s he opnly give direction me and another Italy peason. his feature is, he did not try work on job before give direction to me and another Italy peason.
not try listen another peason’s talk briefly
even if I gave advaice to him, he forgetting in next morning. so that I alway’s ignoring him.in addition, befor over year, Aran called us out for warn to our discord.however, this guy appealed [human being]…
it is not problem of ”human being”it is problem of your parsonarity.
after that,I was hand in my letter of love to him, detail was feel better against…it was not effctive….
by the way, I getting lost main point of my talk, back it to bush fire.
 kim got radio from Ian that call out all worker’s in Wildness Loge.
why am I go to under the smoke?
I got on chopper’s car.

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