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design of my future

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passed 3 days since I moved to next share house…

however I am having trouble with big snore in my room…that is new type!!

my room is shared by 3 people now.one is Indian, another is Italian.

but this Italian has terrible habit…this is ”big snore”really horrible..

yesterday, I couldn’t sleep well thanks to this snore.Indian bought Eyer plag right now.

he could not bare to his big snore and escape from that. besides,

he is poor English speaker even see from me.some Italian are living this house. all of them are not aiming to get second working holiday visa and there’s personality are very calm and gentle. 

compare them and previous guy who had been working with me,

it is exact that previous guy’s were not like Italian.

only doing claim and not try listen talk briefly.

it was like a dog witch is not become upbringing.everybody searching for there’s life style and how to do afterword.also me…

I am becoming melancholy close to end of working holiday.

what I want to do is….quit live under the some body ‘s standard.obey to my standard will provide me that live to likes me.

I think.but what is likes me??my resume is terrible and miserly.

I always ask to myself that will you repeat the day when I was early twentys?I had been countered from coordinator that find fail with my resume?I am fed up that day’s. I hate recall that day’s…. any way,

if I could not pass job interview both of them which is HAYMAN,another is ski resort,

I will go to Japan. I am not motivate to visit another country.

it sis waist of money and time.I am getting see my out line what I want to do.

 but it’s not clear yet. but I must have changed to tow years ago.anyhow,I need bring back money 5000OZ$ at least.

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