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I've got my grand final!! there is Cairns!!

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what a big day!!!!!

I got a job at Cairns!!!this place is final place where I might have stayed for working holiday!!!moreover, this hotel is 5 star rank!!!amaze for me.

I must mail to ski area to turn down my job application.

now I feel regret that I have to give up this place.but it’s ok.

I want to grab something which is sure for me. even refuse job offer of Cairns,

 it’s is vague that whether I pass job interview that hotel or not.

I think it is better than go back to Japan. I became I can continue my trip and save money even not become dismiss…

hahahahaha.however, I have worry about mood of this work place. 

I explain why I could get job.Due to one Korean guy who went to this place ahead of me was become fire!!!

he seems got terrible injured at work!!now he went back to Korea already.

it was 2 days after from he started work…what the hell??? 

so I am replace of him…oh god. I am suffering from pressure which is in stead of him…. beside this possession is kittchin attendant.

main job is dish wash.to the end.I don’t know whether I can double as another possion.

 I hope I can serve both as this possion and another possion.

it is good for money!!hahahaha.and I may go to Canada after finish working holiday in AUS.little bit,

I have interested in Canada to work at ski area.it’s about time start open ski area in Canada when my working holiday finish at AUS. 

when I decide come to AUS before, I wanted go to Canada.simply I love snow and I like ski. but I have worry to get job at that time.And I couldn’t forget longing to JOCV.so that,

 I made JOCV over rapped AUS. the parson who got through draft of JOCV have to work on assigment and work it out in 2 year as far as he or she can. 

I thought a year is short for me to get ability of english and gain job experience.and also, I needed help to get job it is like system of intern ship. at first, I felt stores to pay money to agent to get job.even do not know agent which is providing intern ship program and existence of another agent that is carrying out dispatch worker to work place.more over,

this is limited Asian or Japanese. my impressions after used agent was effective for me.before I come to here, I watched a lot of Blog which had been saying how to get job in AUS.

most of them were same detail.breakdown was, at first, just spread resume out to any restaurant which is no choice kind of food, nationality,cafeteria of etc.. when they have got job interview, they were hand in over 300 resume.I think it is wast of money and time and mental. if I can solute problem which is relate to get job,

 I should pay money. it is very comfortable and feel pressure.in AUS,

 it is easy that become dismiss. compare to Japan.I had seen the parson who fired from work place in spite of they paid money to get job. 

but it up you whether pay money to agent and become dismiss or not.

I think even pay much money to agent, it has some value which is get information into my self.usually,

the parson who came to AUS can not find out unique place which like KCS.so that, if find out or explore any place, it is ok. it will be able to possible as long as use up money and high ability of English. however, almost unique place of connection is grabbing by agent.because this facility is locating remort area.so it is heard that the parson who has just arrived in AUS.  I want to suggest this things.always need information to make great working holiday.I will recommend that enrol this member ship for buy information.if bought this ”system”after you can make connection and relation between another parson who used this system ahead of you.in addition, I must say warning about this sys tem.

you should not detected too much this system. you may get lose lot. even if paid money, I do not think all of offer is suite each parson.must be care…sorry,

I go to bet..to be continuethanks.

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