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my figure of future!

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good for money….but it stress for me.my busy week starting from next week!!!

somehow I’ve got 6 work day!!I can expect to be overwork day after day !! in this month, some time marrige ceremony hold at upstairs.

what a luxurious people. in spite of depression in all over the world, they could open closed-door party.more ever,

this place is 5 star rank hotel.we are locating on the Great Barrier Reef. as far as I think, hold close-door party in Fitzroy Island is not cheap. it mast be. 

booked weding party too.it was busy day same as usual.and my partnerwas as usual too. 

If I put up with complaine my superior,why don’t he stick to work at 8 to 5 shift only?despite he gave me direction that clean up any darty mark, the door friedge, that gap,

wall and etc.why don’t he try to carry out his word by his act?he is only give direction and not show his word.

I never allow and accept his advice as long as he work at 2to 10PM.my patner is teen age. it is great see from me. when I was same age with him.,

I couldn’t be inmagination wark from teen age. at that time, I had 2 option.farst of all,

I wanted live in Hokkaido, and enter to college and continue Base ball.secondlly, If I cdould not enter to college,

I was going to start work.but that college allowed entering college to me.so that I made choice go to college. my aim was seminar.I had interested in Recriation class.it was awsome time for me.and this is my foundation for me even now.step by step,

I started figure out that seminar’s mean.not mention after my life.

I had been withidrawling n my room when i was 26. 

I should have listened my real voice that come up from my own. some time I felt unsatisfy when I was living at Hokkaido.I had still been avoiding hear my real voice. this voice became strong each I repeated changing job.what is my true figure?

and when I tried writing my motivation why I applied for this job offer,I realized that my aim is lead-life.but is this Ok???

 I will never satisfy in my life.low-income,giving up to try and take on what I want to do. 

I was becoming feel limite that I getjob. am I work through temporaly workall of my life??

 treate is close to slave. always opressed from superious. one by one I was charmed soud of ”Independece”. that is have my own bussiness.noone dis turb me,no one give direction me.

all by my self.but ,no no one help me,no one give me instraction,advoice. 

in Japan, the parson who has side job is strongly trend.since started dipression,a lot of tomporaly worker who work at car manufacture line became lay off or lost job. even though,

 working at company which is huge INC,nobody know when that company go bancraptcy. 

stabilization is nothing……..people ask for this ”stabilization” keenly bottom of heart. lead alife and upgrade of qality of life.people’s desire is bottmless.to money, to play, I wish I could….to new tecnology.

 also me, I am belonging one of those.my working holiday is experiments for me that whether I can change my life with my until now.Japanese sosocial look down the peason who has not special,

skill, work experience which kept working same job at one place. it’s like me.  but I have to put disadvantage away and turn over this status.  open up new life.to be continue. 

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