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my last task

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I have just moved share house today. I was sat free from Fitzroy Island.

but change my aim to IELTS English exam to get 5.5 score at least. 
this place is my last place and double as the finishing stage of Working Holiday.

look back my life in Aus. at fast, my phrase is ”time fly by ” that can say fast of all.

2 years ago, I had been getting at a loss to life. I tried to start my own business run by on line shop. however I had to stop it due to short of money. I need strong income that is putting in my pocket successively to make my business grow up and no to be hired from nobody.

since I had been wandering to get job, what I want to do and what I should do when I was living in Japan.it was suck. just hard.
at that time, I felt I must make change in my life.if my life goes on without change, it is must come when I stand off to life. economy, low-income, unsatisfied to be living now, not to find out and not to open up hope or other option.

make my self satisfied…..

I need to cause to make it after life. I am not going to continue my life style forever. 

sooner or later, result will come out and it will be reflecting to me.

I mast have doing a fullest effort while living in Aus until now.

I have met to the parson who finished there’s Working Holiday.also they were making a fullest effort. 

one parson could find out aim by Working Holiday, another parson achieved aim and started to new life.

Australia where mingle how to life. I feel so.

Vic,Mike, Ian. they were true OZ, and they had spirit of development.

Make own business…

they taught me to be strong until come true what I want to do and find it out.

don’t give up, not defeated by my self.

way is must be appear even not to give up.

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