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【Practice for TOEIC】I’ve started to learn TOEIC and the key board is getting mad…

Hello, I am going to write the diary taking the TOEIC and society for Testing English Proficiency.

I want to pass the 2 grade license at society for Testing English Proficiency.Because after got this grade, I am taking 1 grade.this exam is very popular in Japan


I am thinking that it is profitable to get 1 license which by hold Eiken Foundation of Japan more than  TOEIC English test .


because, the TOEIC English exam valids 2 year when got score at that time, then if I want to keep continuing that score at TOEIC exam, I will have to renewing and keep taking TOEIC every other 2 years. I prefer not to  need renewing score.


The eiken licence is not need it. got it once. it can be used permanently. this is different between TOEIC and Eiken exam licence.


Anyway, I have to keep continuing to learn English for maintain and catch up the licence’s ability . As far as I consider compare these exam, I think I should try both. while trying TOEIC, In parallel, take the challenge of taking the first grade in English exams


if I could get the first grade which by held English association in Japan , I am going to start the translate job.


I aim to make another income for lead a life that come true my ideal.


time is up at this time.  because have to work.


this practice double as the writing test for Eiken association Japan pre- second licence that is taking place next month.


check up the below


real time in AUS working holiday dairy 


when I just started the working holiday , I was writing dairy by English. that time about 6years ago, my aim was vague the reason why .



what I want come true by lean English?


look back now and review my dairy, I was struggling  only.


but now I found the reason why I want to lean English.


so, I will keep leaning English while this year.


I wanna get 2 licence by hold  English association .






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