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[TOEICと英検2級に向けた練習]practice for English association exam and TOEIC L/R ,S/W test






can not stop taking a sigh,,,,getting close the date that take the exam.


first I am going to take the English second licence that hold by the English institute Japan. This is

most popular exam in Japan.


when  I took this exam, I tried to  the Pre-second class. this class is rated that who can speak and write English sentence easy word. but not fluent and can complete conversation barely . See from the public, that English ability is not evaluated to use in business scene. In the end, that is the elementary stage for English.


more over, my score was 51%…


what is 51% mean?


this is the Correct answer rate

Basically ,the English institute exam is counted by that rate.


This method called ”deduction system”.


the person  who takes this exam has full mark at the start. After started exam, the point  will be loosing that depending on number of wrong answer you made.


the standard of pass exam was 65%. I could not reach this line. it was 9 years ago.Now, somehow I started to get this licence.


what that for ?



And I will tell you  my plan afterword



  1. get the National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
  2. I want to resister JTF
  3. change the job
  4. make income that manage my self




these 4 reason.


because I am struggling to make  life style and work style.I have been searched this things and asked myself .


Once I had experience to be fired, to quit job soon. I was thinking I want to make small business for myself.


look back my life, I was always suffering from the recruit. changing the job many time until now, I felt dis comfort each resign job and change.


the job that I experienced was not hit my mind. Especially the environment for work and human relation in workplace. I did not get use to these.



In Japan, traditional value is existing the life time employment.



so that the public of Japan cold treat me who can not continue one job ling time. I became what the call ”The job hopper”.



why I am become a job hopper ?



I was having an question about this . And have been asking myself. since lived 35 years old.



what I wanted is ,





no one give me order and complain.This is important for me, the reason why is , I am not hope general work that all people can do it. Because I had worked this type of job once when I was early twenties. One by one, I was stocking stress to work, especially this type of work is affected by the order each superior who has authorization to run and manage. their order sometime unreasonable.



Due to the dead line that we made shift and manage our work time to achieve that task, but because of superiors discretion, we had to do the overwork and reorganize our roster. this cease happen in work place. Especially the hospitality industry . so that I decided not to work in hospitality work.


Now I am aiming to get over 600 point at TOEIC English test and the first class licence at the English institute Japan.To tell the true,I take priority to get the first class licence that hold by the English institute Japan.


This licence has not the expire date. but the TOEIC test has expire for taking test again to renew.


And I have interest in translate work. If I could get first class licence, it must be advantage to change the job for translator. but I think this plan makes side job. if tried to it and feel not suit and I can’t, I will search another way for home office work.



practice is finish



more put together detail what I want say and article come along…













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