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【英検2級ライティングの練習】 My car occurred a bag in differential-gear. it is becoming hard to bank savings


Hello, I am Izy. Now I am working in Nobeyama at Skate rink.


my job task is resurface the ice link.  this season is not busy because melt ice once in year that keep clean bottom of rink and make new ice for try he next season.


The season will start from 29/ June about. if we failed to make ice on the ice rink we must make it again. And also, refrigeration machine which make water ice in skate rink in need of checking before activate.


Besides, hard work that almost important to make ice on rink I must work on in next month.


spread water entire the rink while 24H. this is most important. if impurity mixed in to the water that put into rink after it become ice, that ice will become soft. A skater can feel how hard on the face of ice. especially a figure skater point out about how hard the ice of face.


A figure skater can feel the ice face when they skated on the ice. At this moment, a skater make sure the feeling of ice and condition how hard or soft.Every condition of skate rinks different each day. The competitor make strategy each ices condition.


Condition of ice give effect to all of competitor who take part in the sports which hold on the ice rink.


so my job has aspect of hard or complicated.


in Next month , some champion ship and tournament will hold.


We have to stay sharp at my work.


to be continue



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