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【英検2級ライティング】challenge to the writing question for Eiken exam 2 licence


Hello, I am Izy


one by one the date is getting close  I take the English associations 2-licence. three days later, my first challenge in this year that I made the promise start of new year early for myself.


And next month, take  the TOEIC test R/L and S/W.



This year is change of my life and challenge.



sooner or later, everyone die.


we must welcome end of life.



I will struggle  while in this year. And aim to get home office work and raise up my wage and salary.



can not finish like this






Today, some companies allow their employees to wear casual clothes like jeans or T-shirts. Do you think the number of such companies will increase in the future?

I think the companies alow their employees to wear casual will increase

first, the world warming affected all contories and companies worker who works in the building will be given about the dress-code from theirs supperior in starting summer.

Now a days, climate is becoming warmer than before.So that the Cool Biz started between company that reduce to use energy and keep comfortable atmosphire in work place.

Have on casual clothes is up the mood for emplyee who works company.More over, it will give good impression to their client and visitore.

my consequence is, wear casual clothe has benefit I sad above.

so, number of companies that allow their emplyees to wear casual clothes increase in the future



6/2…this date is my first challenge in this year.



to be continue



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