I'z log ~イズログ 人生をイージーモードに


【英検2級ライティングの練習】I am taking the Eiken foundation of Japans exam in tomorrow


good evening , I am Izy.


I report to take exam of Eiken foundation of Japans second-licence.


I have been studying for exam and TOEIC  test too. since decided to make word in early this year, Jun  in this month, this month will become the point of this year.  Please look below link.I swore that I gave the burden to myself to escape from the status of the present .


my wish in this year(wrote by Japanese)


Look back my life style, especially how to life, Since graduated universe, I had changed the job frequently.


When I entered first firm that was elderly care company. I had experienced a lot of difficult when I worked there.Failed pay my salary , moreover my superior sad me that our commute fair is not transferred yet and more.


Naturally all of worker include me could not forgive that company. Beside that was my first employment.


After three month late, I  quitted and while a month, stayed no job.When I was a college student,I was rushing ‘Oh my god, my friend got job notice from company and started to do an internship .I  have to decide what I do…how work and lead a life after this?’


What I leaned when I was twenty century is, the aspect of work. It is specialty.


I wanna work in my home if I could but I will feel tired up stay in my room while whole day. So I thought I want  to make some income. This is my ”revolution of how to work”. it called ‘働き方改革’ in the public.


I am thinking many things for myself and QOL.


Everyone want to work comfortably?  and hope to the more suitable life style for myself?


Time, income, worth wile to live.


Back to force why I wanna get the English licence.


Just I want to get the specialty in work and make side job.



Any way take exam tomorrow,



now I go for my life style


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