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【TOEIC S/W ライティングの練習】Make a plan work in Akakura-hot spring of Myoukou-Plateau using the Resort part-time job

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In ninth of Jun, I am taking the TOEIC S/W Test.


Especially I do not like the writing….my previous score is 30 point. This score is kind of lowest one. I have to improve this and carry out my plan to work in Akakura Hot spring of Myoukou. These area is preferred from Oz and these town became the Oz town. Likewise Niseco,these place has gotten high populate because of high quality of snow that called ”Powder snow” .


‘Powder snow’ is feature of Japanese snow. Dryly, light, and it difficult to get harm if fall on these snow.


In the Australia, some of ski area are there, however, there is not fall the powder snow . Snow that fall in Australia includes moist. This snow called in Japan like this,’べちゃ雪’. Ski on the these snow, the Wax consumes early, and put snow behind the ski board. more over that snow make ski board difficult to ski smoothly slide on Ski slope.


beside, the ski season is short in Australia. So, in Australia, the ski is not famous. Play the ski domestic instead, many Oz go to New Zealand.  Due to the gap of price between AUS and NZ. Forex rate between AUS and NZ is very different. Forex rate gives price gap, in particular when exchanged money to NZ dollar from Aus dollar, the rate will be made out clearly.

And more, in New Zealand, colder than Australia so that quality of snow is better than Australia and close to Australia.Airline ticket is cheap also. Many Oz go to NZ season into the School holiday or Christmas holiday for ski and vacation. I knew this things when I stayed in AUS for working holiday



Now a days, some Oz people started to buy the resort place in Japan it like Niseco ski resort or around ‘倶知安町’.As well AKAKURA-hot spring and Myou-kou plateau too.


I can not use the Working holiday visa anymore, used it 7 years ago already…if asked the work environment  in Japan, I thought that should work in AKAKURA hot spring or Myoukou-plateau.


The outsourcing company I belong now has job offer these area. In season in the winter, a seasonal job offer will appear. This job offer is very popular work between college student and started the season into winter, the college go to long holiday. Some student may join in  club activities so hard, another person may think that earn money while long holiday.


To work in ski area double as hobby. if hobby was ski, it become comfortable work. the common things to work in ski area is given the free ticket in day off. All ski areas job offer write down one of condition that limited the stuff who work in this place can borrowed the free ski lift ticket in day off or vacant time. This is attractive condition for student I think. I used to be longing this condition and decided to go to ski area. My first time was 23 years old at Mnakami-plateau in Gunma Prefecture


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