I'z log ~イズログ 人生をイージーモードに


【TOEIC S/W Test the night before】Look back my history of TOEIC SW and my English ability

Gooooooooood evening, how are you passing tonight?


I am Izy. Tomorrow I am taking TOEIC S/W Test. it will be clear what I have done for the TOEIC S/W(°д°) I am so exciting and nervous. After this test, the TOEIC L/R Test I take.


As I said, this month will be the turning point for me. I am writing about this things many time but it is different that used up the idea to write web log never evre….I have been getting ready for it since last year. And decided the date when I should take this exam. Even if tried many time and successively, score will not go up. Even though went up the score, it is not to be grown up ability. Simply got luck by chance I think.


I needed to get ability that can get 600 point constantly if tried many time .


Otherwise, I am not going to change this circumstance and not grant to get the job offer that can work at m home.What the call ‘在宅ワーク’and also, add some kind of income.


For instance, one of type, it can get income form the business owner who is hired me and I have to work for his work place. Instead my dedicate to work, I receive salary from him. But I can not satisfy only one of income.


I wanna make the double income. Lost the stabilize from society in Japan. Every one has the risk. Lose job whenever, not make sure whether get welfare benefit especially pension that we have been paying. Inspite of be deducted from our take home pay beside its amount is not small.


Even if carry out duty to get pension  that is need for the eligible after become 65 years old  we can receive. I do not think I can get pension from government.


So that, if I in case that I could not receive the pension, I want to become the men who is not worry to earn and add money. We can not rely on Japans government.Even now  the pension management is a deficit of 14 trillion yen.


it can not help default whenever …


so I want to get the offer I can work at my home



Any way I go to bed for tomorrow.



see ya



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