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【TOEIC S/Wライティングの練習】Broken down my car and fixed.Differential oil leaked. To bank money is difficult I felt from this

Hello I am Izy. Let me report my recent.


As I said that this month may become my turning point or not. Because, I positioned this month by myself. I made a plane afterwords for my life. Especially how to work and type of income.


Now I am looking for vacant house what the call ‘空家’. This house can buy least 1000 dollars. It can not image to compere between Australia. In Australia, the house is expensive . Breakdown of house’s price is taken by tax.See from practical things,the price of house is not  so expensive. Why this different is happening? simply tax rate is imposed each country.



I think that Japan is blesses a lot of aspect in particular  to by the vacant house.



However, I must have decided to store money, now can not save money more than I expected because , some trouble occurred to my car.



Look at this










My car occurred bug again in the differential gear and have been leaking differential oil. fortunately , oil have not leaked long time. The engineer said it was not so long time. So that oil is not empty.


But count from last year, this car had been hold some trouble.


I fixed wheel bearing in front right and left. I changed the engine oil each 3000km….sum up the amount of spending money for fix to my car is twelve thousand dollar about. I hope that I finished to fix up any defect in my car…


Any way save the money to buy my house and lunch my plan.


Life is short…





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