I'z log ~イズログ 人生をイージーモードに


【TOEIC SW】I think not bad, not good. I hope better than before I took. impression this time

Oh good,  I do not believe you however, this time I may pray for you. Do you know the ‘B’z’?


This unite is famous in Japan.By this bands lyric, the God seems not help to the person who not pray every day.The B’z, they singed like this in the theirs song. If my memory was right ..this is vague…


I have confidence not to rely on God too much.I have been ready for it from October in last year.  I regretted one things about the writing. I should have practice to write English sentence.


The place where I took exam is very far from here I am working now. Although filled up fuel my car, the gas is nearly run up driving between my workplace and the event place where TOEIC S/W test held. Moreover, I had to go beyond three ax from Nagano to Kawagoe in Saitama. I almost sleep while driving. Oops?


Let me say about the consequence, it must have better than before.



First, I read the English sentence by clearly pronunciation, and react to the questionnaire.



But I made miss take in the writing test. Some problem, I could not complete in time. When I was writing the answer to the monitor, suddenly changed. At that moment, I realized the time is setting up each questionnaire and I must finish to write the answer in time. What have I done…I  should have finished to write the answer to the question that expressed in the monitor.



I could not some question within the time that sat up for each the questionnaire. I think I was lost the point that could not finish write the sentence for question. It was biggest mistake…



Any way, I guess my point is better than before and I hope I will get 300 point. Breakdown is, I want to get 150 point at the speaking test and 100 point I need at the writing test.



I will use this for another Job and profile…



This year, I am thinking to go to Akakura hot spring area afterword. These area seems that some rich Oz bought and made the town in ski area. I think it may chance for me to use English.



I am looking forward to see the result of test by notice.


the letter may reach to my place soon.



I will write the result of this test.





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