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【英検2級終わりました】Finished the Eiken founds exam grade 2…let me say my impression

はてなブックマーク - 【英検2級終わりました】Finished the Eiken founds exam grade 2…let me say my impression
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Hellow I am izy ,how are you spend time today?


I report my impression that I took the Eiken founds exam grade of 2 . It was not difficult as far as I felt.But if I could not pass this exam, I will not say word any….Since I started to get ready for this, I was going to leaning and try ed to pre-test. I wanted to have confidence what I did. This



■Any way I felt easy I could finished 


finished the exam, or released the nervous time. For example, when I came out from the room I had finished the job interview and finished the term ends exam like that. Likewise, this test is important for me , the reason is ,  my ideal is not commute to the work place where I belong and make income by myself. By my plan, I am viewing my future.


Breakdown is, first, if I could get the English foundation of first grades licence within this year, I  am gong to rewrite my profile all my account, Shufti , crouwd works,  and I will sign up another the home office work site.



In the end, I want to make the small income by myself. About this the home office job, I put the discipline that can manage at my own discretion.



I think I should have some income all people in Japan and it is not banned by the low in particular the construction of the Tax low. When I declared the tax answer in the tax office, the tax officer asked me with a troubled face like this.


[Sorry, may I  ask you which income is mainly for you?] remarked the tax officer. At that time, I did not understand what he asked me. After he explained me more easily about detail.


Break down is , the amount of tax is imposed each industry. My income was separating various type.


Adsense, A8, Amazon affiliate , Yahoo auction.


According to the tax system, my tax rate should have imposed to declare by the tax return but, I had to decide which income is main for me.


And I choose the retail business. Because, this figure of income was biggest in these. Thanks to carry out the tax answer, I could know construct of tax systems rate.


Back to focus, why I want to work in my house is, I want make choice my main work. especially I hope to myself that add interest more and to be skillful by FX(Forex trade ) .Invest business is efficiency all of aspect. I know that need to earn some deposit for it . Combine type work one is ,  the type of being hire, another one is type of invest.


Any way I will talk my ideal life style.



and  practice more and more.




In 6/9 I am taking TOEIC S/W test




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はてなブックマーク - 【英検2級終わりました】Finished the Eiken founds exam grade 2…let me say my impression
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