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【英検二次試験振り返り】Look back the exam of second grade for Public interest corporation Japan

はてなブックマーク - 【英検二次試験振り返り】Look back the exam of second grade for Public interest corporation Japan
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Hello guys, I am izy, today report about the second grade exam that I took in 6/2. This test held by English foundation of Japan.This exam is very famous as well as TOEIC test in Japan.

I aim get the Pre-first grade at Eiken exam within this year. By my plan, I may change work style, I may grant wish, if got this licence. I am hoping to work in my house. going around the Cloud work in Japan one by one, and making loud the innovation of how to work.

I am thinking how to life myself afterword like this, first I should have tow type of work.


One is hired by work place, another one is type of work in home. What the call, 在宅ワーク.


Before come out this things, I putted out my ability and the things what I have done until now.




went to Australia, tried to make own business, tried to the SEDORI, Affiliate, Web log , Forex exchange, went to job training and made this Word press blog, learned HTML,CSS,Java script, JQ,PHP….


I thought now, I have tried to get  a lot of things  into myself.


But all of these were not hit my mind somehow. In spite of I worked on hard and keen.Thanks to tackled these, all of thing became part of me. One by one, adding myself what I seems be able to do. express on the web, make HP,post the movie  etc….and more. my option what I can and may be able to do by learned these things. It was not wasted I believe now.


Any way , finish the long pref. Look back my score



■Any way I passed the first exam, take the second exam. This is form of interview



given evaluation me was +4. Is kind of higher grade?


I do not have interest this rank. In the end, I have interest that whether I can get the second licence or not only.



My aim is get the transfer job offer in my home. So I am going to renew my profile all of home work website. The shuffty, Cloud works, Biz seek and more.It is important to make the result before make the result.This mean is , I must start from the newcomer.I do not have the result of performance. If I were client side, to offer me is very  difficult because whether this guy can complete the job or not.


Stay no result is not good status for me and the client side.


So that I get the licence that appeal my ability and prof of my effort.



All of result of exam which I took will be clear while July.



Result from this test, I have to improve the Grammar .





should have come over this part.







And write English sentence more and more.


come out the word and what I am thinking.


I must get these licence.


I do not break the wish I swore in the early this year. Challenge to my self any way …



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はてなブックマーク - 【英検二次試験振り返り】Look back the exam of second grade for Public interest corporation Japan
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