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【TOEIC英作文練習】Start to practice write a short sentence for the translator

はてなブックマーク - 【TOEIC英作文練習】Start to practice  write a short sentence for the translator
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Morning, today I will write down my recent.


Passing 3 month since I came in this work place and have started to work the resurfacing ice. Do you know the Zambony? This machine was made for the ice link. We can not see seldom. Of course not,  this machine is driven in the Olympic in winter often. While resurfacing ice, TV  do not broadcast this scene. All TV company in the which advertise on television. it may have reason the relation ship between sponsor.


So, this the Zambony is not know everyone. But I am driving this now. In the off season, we do the chore. Clean up a toilet, throw out the rubbish, give hand to the room keep department(my job contract is not this position…)

Now remaking ice for next season, especially summer , many visitor and the national teams competitor  visit to this place and conduct a training. I a not know about the skaters circumstance each season. They seems that confirm the sense of ice before season into winter and they go to Hungary.


the skater says that the feeling of ice is different each place. In particular, in Hungary, this places ice is very heard. the heard ice is preferred from the athlete because , the heard face can relate the power to the ground and they can kick the face.  they are able to skate on the ice face in order not to loss theirs leg power.


if the air under the ice, it may be the soft ice face. This ice be hated from the figure skater.


The reason is, many trick includes the figure skates program. Especially the jump turning 2 or 3 and spin move. This trick give damage to the ice face. When they take off at the time of the jump, they matter the feeling of ice surface how hard the ice links surface is. The hard ice surface is relate the legs power effectively. So, the figure athlete can jump hither and try to 3 turn jump.



Now we are making new ice but…



the facility is old , many kind of bug appear each place.



I have worry until finish the job term end of August.



it is gonna be tough road….




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はてなブックマーク - 【TOEIC英作文練習】Start to practice  write a short sentence for the translator
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