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Agree or disagree : Companies should be responsible for their impact on the environment ?




Natural resources







I agree companies should take responsible for their impact the environment by their commercial action. All of  companies must consider and take care pollution and natural resources.


Even though  companies needs to get profit by the commercial act, they have to know that are one of resident on the Earth.Not only run companies and make revenue  big but also they must think affect of Global warming.


I think they can not run companies destroying environment.


Firstly, many industries emit waste and sewage to the revere. One by one, that wast water pollute  atmosphere,soil water. Especially pollute revere is big problem. The creature and fish died out that lived in the revere  until then will extinct and Ecosystem is going change.

After if we ate that fish or creature that polluted by wasted water , many kind of disease would occurred and suffer by it which caused by ourselves.


Second, companies needs to cut a lot of wood from rain forest or some forest area and uses another resources.If used coal  or fossil fuel, it will be emission much Greenhouse gases in air.more over, cut and  decrease forest area will accelerate Global warming.And at the moment used up all of natural resources, humans are extinct.



from the above, all of companies must consider environment not only take  commercial act and benefit.


We have to run the Earth for next generation. We will die out or have to escape to out of the Earth if destroyed or used up all natural resources.

We may came across the turning point.

Whether survive after  century or ahead to extinct.We must make choice the option after this for living with Earth.